Recipe Review – Thai Green Curry with Shrimp and Kale

Thai Green Curry Shrimp serving

Thai Green Curry Shrimp


Thai Green Curry with Shrimp and Kale

Original recipe is from Cooking Light Magazine, November 2014

Love Thai food and the nutritional information for the recipe follows our FO3 rules for low sodium and low saturated fat.  Cholesterol is higher than we would like because of the shrimp, but this is okay if you make the rest of your day follow the daily limits for cholesterol.  The recipe is under the section “Superfast 20 minute cooking” which is accurate for the cooking time.  I’m just a home cook so it took me 60 minutes just to gather and prep all fifteen ingredients.  The dish is very tasty, not spicy, and filling enough for my family of big eaters.  The recipe states that a serving size is 3/4 cup noodles and 1 1/2 cups curry which was accurate.  Overall we gave it 4.5 stars and would make it again.

Make it a Heart Smart Meal

Thai Green Curry Shrimp recipe adapted from Cooking Light Magazine Nov 2014 

Changes we made:

Ingredients –

Substituted fresh garlic for jarred chopped garlic and fresh ginger for jarred  minced ginger

Substituted 6 cups kale for mix of 2 cups mustard greens with 4 cups baby spinach all measured “packed”.  (My family won’t eat kale unless I hide it in soups…lol)

Substituted 1 pound medium shrimp for 1 pound small shrimp since that is what I had on hand

Note on prep time.  I shredded 2 carrots in a food processor (thick cut blade) for the match-stick carrots.  Also, I normally use the EZ peel shrimp that is already deveined, but it still takes about 10 minutes prep time on the shrimp alone.

Instructions –

In step 3 of the original recipe instead of serving curry over the rice noodles, I mixed the rice noodles in with the shrimp mixture and simmered another 5 minutes over low heat.  This might be a preference for us, but the rice noodles were still slightly firm even after being soaked in hot water for almost an hour.

Nutrition –

No significant changes in nutrition since we really only changed the kale for mustard greens and spinach.

Note on Nutrition.  My nutrition facts are almost always slightly different than the original recipe which can be attributed to changes made in the ingredients or the brands used.

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