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Make a Smart Meal with Food Lists

  • Designed to be used with our Heart Smart Meal Plans
  • Organized by Food Groups to make meal planning simple
  • Compare Brands by Nutrition and Serving Size
  • New Foods added frequently


Brand Name or Generic

Generic brands are almost always less expensive than their Brand name counterparts, but which is better?  Well, that depends on what works best for you.  Are you focusing on lower fat, lower sodium, no sugar, or all three?  Getting to know and understand the Nutrition Facts label is the first step in making a smart food choice.  Choose foods that follow your “food rules” regardless of Brand or Generic.  Just remember price does not determine the quality or healthiness of an item.  So, do yourself  a favor and become of Food Label Connoisseur.

The brand-name products mentioned on this website are the trademarks or registered trademarks of their respective companies.  Mention of specific brand products is for informational purposes only.  No endorsement by either author or brand has been made.  Nutritional information is from the product’s official nutrition label.  Please let me know (in comment section below or on the Contact Us form) if you find any discrepancies so I can update the files.

How Food Group Counts are Calculated

How to count “a serving” for Food Groups use to be quite the challenge for me.  It really does depend on what source you use and trust me, they are all slightly different.  Most of us are familiar with the original “Food Pyramid”, and now “My Plate” that discuss the Food Groups, but, those are just the most familiar sources.  Diabetic exchanges, DASH, and many more diet plans all have their own method for determining Food Group amounts.  After a ridiculous amount of research hours, I compiled all the sources to come up with a formula that works for the heart healthy eating plan that we are working towards.



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