Meal Plans

Our Heart Healthy Meal Plans are specifically designed for Heart Failure patients, Diabetics, or Anyone who wants a Healthier Diet.  All of our Recipes and Meal Plans focus on Low Saturated Fat, Low Cholesterol, Low Sodium, and Balanced Carbs.  That’s what I call a Lifestyle Diet.

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More Meal Plans

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About the Weekly Meal Plans

Weekly Meal Plans have been carefully planned to be balanced with nutrition facts and food groups included for each day.  The typical week will include 6 recipe planned days and 1 day a week is saved for “Eating Out” or “Leftovers”.

All Meal Plans have the following great features:

  • First, follow the steps on “How to Get Started with My Recipe Collections
  • Save as many meal plans as you want to “My Collections” This will allow you to customize meal plans and all the other benefits of My Recipe Collections
  • Recipes can be scaled up or down
  • You can add notes, create your own recipe, or interchange any of our recipes
  • Daily totals for Food Groups
  • You can show or hide Nutrition Facts
  • Print the whole collection or just the recipes
  • A Shopping List that is grouped by grocery store aisles that you can edit and print

Types of Diets

I have two diet plans.  The Blue Diet and The Green Diet.  Basically, the main difference is the Blue Diet is allowed more Carbs and Protein per meal.  Saturated Fat, Sodium, and Fiber are the same for both.  

Types of Meal Plans

  • Dinners
  • Breakfasts
  • Lunches
  • Apps & Snacks
  • Special Occasion
  • Pot Lucks

All recipes including those from other sources are adapted to fit the Cooking Heart Smart foundation of Lower Saturated Fat, Lower Cholesterol, and Lower Sodium.  

Carb Count guidelines have also been taken into consideration when developing recipes based on the American Diabetes Association recommendations.

About Food Groups

Part of our mission here at CookingHeartSmart is to inform our readers about Nutrition and Food Groups that will help them make smart choices when planning their menu, grocery shopping, and preparing recipes.  Knowledge is power which is why we include Nutrition Facts and Food Groups with every Meal Block and Meal Plan. 


CookingHeartSmart will focus on the five main Food Groups – Meat, Grains or Starches, Vegetables, Fruit, and Dairy.  Food Group counts are based on American Heart Association serving sizes with the exception of the Meat Group which we count 1 serving of Meat as 1 oz cooked meat, 1 whole egg, or 2 egg whites with a maximum of 6 oz per day.


The American Heart Association recommends an overall healthy diet plan that includes balanced Food Groups. Watch the video “Feed Your Potential” for more information.

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