Heart SMART Lifestyle Diet Meal Plans

What is a Lifestyle Diet?

When I think of the word Diet I think of a meal plan to help you loose weight.  A Lifestyle Diet is a way of eating for life.  That is, in our case, a meal plan that focuses on heart healthy foods that are also carb balanced.

What I mean by Carb Balanced is the science of balancing slow carbs with fast carbs, which is how we can keep our blood sugar level.  Foods that spike our blood sugar are usually Fast Carbs, such as Dairy, most Fruits, Grains, and Starchy vegetables.  We want to balance those with Slow Carbs, like non starchy vegetables and berries.  All of the meal plans I design focus on balancing Fast Carbs with Slow Carbs in addition to Lower Saturated Fat and Lower Sodium.

More about the menus-

Every Meal Plan includes Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, and Snacks for a whole week.  You don’t have to think about, “what am I eating today?”.  Each menu will include Recipes and added foods from the Food Lists.  Many of the Snacks will have Brand Names*.  I use the brands that I feel are better choices than others, but you can choose whatever brand you want.  Just know your daily totals will be a little different than those in the Meal Plan.

The Lifestyle Meal Plans are also designed to be efficient and minimize food waste (I like to save money…lol) by meal prepping the leftovers from a recipe.  For example, if you only need 2 servings and the recipe is for 6 servings, you will package 4 servings for another lunch or dinner.  You have to shop the groceries and take the time to prepare a recipe, so, why not get your money and times worth?  That being said, you will see that Meal Plans are a complete week for 2 People or 4 People.  I hope you enjoy the meals and let me know what you think!

*Brand Names of products mentioned on this website are the trademarks or registered trademarks of their respective companies.  No endorsement by Author or Company has been made.  

All recipes including those from other sources are adapted to fit the Cooking Heart Smart foundation of Lower Saturated Fat, Lower Cholesterol, and Lower Sodium.  

Carb Count guidelines have also been taken into consideration when developing recipes based on the American Diabetes Association recommendations.

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