Vegetable Dishes

Fried Eggplant in electric skillet shallow frying

The Best Fried Eggplant

Panko bread crumbs create the crunchy coating for these perfect "shallow fried" eggplant. Shallow frying gives you the "crunch" factor without the food absorbing an excessive amount of oil. Cooked eggplant can also be frozen for a quick snack or appetizer later.Note: Recipe is based on a "Small" eggplant, which is 6 slices. Scale recipe …

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Quick and Easy Pasta Salad

Quick and Easy Veggie Pasta

Find this recipe and more in the Weekly Meal Plan for January 31-February 6, 2021 Frozen mixed vegetables make this side dish super quick and easy. The mix we chose has yellow squash, green beans, onion strips, julienne carrots, and diced red bell pepper. You can choose any combination you like.