Rice Dishes

Restaurant Style Mexican Rice cooked in pan

How to Make Perfect Restaurant Style Mexican Rice

Serve this favorite Mexican rice with Spicy Grilled Chipotle Shrimp and some mixed veggies for a crazy good dinner. This really is the perfect Mexican rice recipe. The rice turn out light, fluffy, and flavorful; just like a restaurant. I have made this rice many, many times with consistent results. You can also stir in […]

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Korean Spiced Shrimp and Rice Bowls

Korean-Spiced Shrimp & Rice Bowls

Original recipe is from Eatingwell Magazine.  My version is not as pretty as theirs, but it is pretty darn tasty.  My carrot ribbons looked really sad, so I just stirred them and the pickling liquid into the rice.  I also didn’t make the dish with black rice mainly because no store near me carried black

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Grilled Jambalaya served in a white bowl with brown rice.

Grilled Jambalaya with Brown Rice

Find this recipe and more in the Weekly Meal Plan for January 3-9, 2021 Recipe adapted from Eating Well Magazine June 2020.I love Cajun flavors, but the sodium in most Cajun Seasoning is too high. Be sure to read the labels and try to find "Salt-Free" brands, or the lowest sodium possible.Andouille sausage is also a

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Garlic Cashew Chicken Casserole

Original recipe from Diabetic Living The Ultimate Diabetes Cookbook. If you are a fan of Chinese food than this is the recipe for you. All the traditional flavors of hoisin, ginger, and bok choy packed into one casserole is really tasty. We made extra rice to serve on the side and let each diner top

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Pork Spanish Rice

Recipe adapted from Taste of Home Magazine Feb/Mar 2020. Easy one-pot dish that uses leftover Garlic-Apple Pork Roast to make a delicious lunch. Reduce the saturated fat 3 grams per serving by replacing the 2 tablespoons of butter in original recipe with just 1 tablespoon buttery spread such as Smart Balance®Organic. Eliminating regular butter will

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