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Berry Orange Protein Smoothie

Berry Orange Protein Smoothie

Recipe is for one serving, so just multiply the ingredients to make extra for another day. Store in mason jars with lids in fridge for up to 3 days. One 16-ounce bag of frozen berries is approximately 3 cups, or enough for 3 servings.Choose a Protein Powder with at least 13 grams of Protein per

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Berry Berry Good Smoothie ingredients

Berry Berry Good Smoothie

First, lets define what is a smoothie? According to Wikipedia, a smoothie consists of raw fruits and vegetables with dietary fiber (skin, seeds, pulp, etc) and are thicker than fruit juice. Other common ingredients can include Dairy (milk, yogurt, or ice cream) or Sweeteners (honey or sugar). It all depends on personal preference. Therefore, there is no “bad” smoothie.
If you want even more clarification and the history behind smoothies, read Respite Cafe’s article, “Origin of Smoothies”.

Smoothies can be a good way to get a healthy breakfast with few ingredients and a few pulses from a blender. I modified a version of this recipe from a class I took in Cardiac Rehab. I don’t know who created the original recipe, but it is a good one. In addition to the healthy benefits of the mixed berries, banana, and spinach in this smoothie, you can also boost the protein by using reduced fat, high protein milk.

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