April 2020 Meal Plans

This Month’s featured book is Make-A-Mix Cookery Cookbook  by Karine Eliason, Nevada Howard, and Madeline Westover.  This is one of my first cookbooks which was originally published in 1978.  I was fascinated with the concept of making your own mixes which ranged from frozen to refrigerated to pantry.  Having already prepared mixes is such a great idea when planning ahead for freezer meals or just a huge time saver for weeknight cooking.  Making your own mixes also allows you to control the amount and quality of the ingredients.

Because we are working with Master Mixes this month you can easily stretch the normal 12 recipes over a 2-week period for a family of four; or even a whole month for one or two people.

Since the original book is from 1978 we have made modifications to most of the mixes and recipes in order to lower the sodium and saturated fat.  Any changes to the original recipe including ingredients or directions are noted or when a specific name brand is recommended.

We hope you enjoy the recipes we chose for this month’s meal plans.  Be sure to let us know what you think – the good, the bad, or the ugly so we can continue to improve and provide you with the tools and information you want.

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