Create a Lifestyle of Healthy Eating with Recipes and Meal Plans that are Heart Smart and Carb Balanced.

Do you want a Heart Healthy Eating Plan that is Simple to Prepare with Easy to find Budget Friendly Ingredients?

I can help you with that.  All Recipes and Meal Plans are specifically designed for Heart Failure Patients, Diabetics, or Anyone who wants to eat Healthier.  Spend less time Meal Planning and more time doing the things you want. 

Does the thought of Meal Planning cause you anxiety?

  • Do you dread the daily Dinner Drama question; What’s for Dinner?
  • Are you feeling defeated when “no plan” means eating out and we all know that isn’t the best option?
  • Do you secretly wish that someone else would do all the cooking and meal planning?
  • I know trying to find Heart Healthy recipes and creating Meal Plans that are specific to your diet needs can be time-consuming, exhausting, and downright stressful.

Let me help you Get Started.  Here’s what to do Next.

Step 1:

Explore the Recipe Index for meal ideas.  You will find Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner Recipes along with Side Dish ideas.  If you want to focus on just Low Sodium Recipes, that’s there too.

Step 2:

Looking for Weekly Meal Plans?  The Meal Plans are Heart Smart and completely balanced.  A printable and editable Shopping List is also included.

Step 3:

Print some helpful tools for organizing your kitchen or your health.  You will find a Heart Smart Grocery Shopping List, Health Tracker, and More.

Tonia Bloom

Hello, my name is Tonia Bloom and I am a survivor of Heart Failure like many of you.  I live in Peyton, Colorado with my husband, youngest son, and 2 crazy pups.  I have four kids and 5 grandkids.

My mission is to share Recipes and Meal Plans that are Low in Saturated Fat, Low in Sodium, and well-balanced.  I love Comfort Food and discovered it is possible to eat the food you love while following a cardiac diet. 

Please feel free to rate and review the recipes.  This helps me improve the recipes and meal plans I develop.

Want to learn more about me?  Click Here.

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